Genshin Impact Bags ✿update✿

Hello dear customers! I had planned to do an update in November but things got too complicated.

November has been a hard month for the bag factory since there have been many delays, materials were missing, the factories closed for days, then closed again, it has been difficult to finish production but the bags have already been sent to my warehouse!

First, factory told me that they will ship the bags at the end of october (20-25 approx) but when I asked they told me that wasn’t possible because factory’s town was locked down due covid (again), there are three factories in charge to make this bags, bag factory, metal pieces factory and embroidery factory, so we had a lot of delays because factories where closed for few weeks in november, and I I could not communicate it properly due health problems.

✿ I was sick from November 9 to November 28, at first I was at home with antibiotics and analgesics for a week and a half, but on November 21 I was admitted to the hospital for a week, luckily I'm recovered! That's why I haven't been able to answer your messages yet.


I will receive them probably between February 5 and 10, since the shipment take 60 days by train
All bags were shipped to me except for Yae Miko's design, as my supplier has informed me that the factories that make tassels and gold accessories are stopped until further notice.

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