Extra taxes will be charged on orders from spain or any country of the European Union, since this is a legal business and by law I am obliged to charge the VAT to all countries belonging to the European union.

Countries outside the European Union will not be charged taxes, as it is an export, your orders may fall to customs in your country and pay the corresponding taxes there
Spain and the European Union: they will be charged VAT before making the payment, at checkout.

rest of the world: the country of the customer will collect taxes if the package has ended up in customs.

✿ What is your store return and exchange policy?

You can check it here

✿Do you accept orders placed outside Spain/EU?

you have the shipping available countries on ''shipping rates''


Customs are fees that you might be charged when you get your package.

These fees depend on your own country's laws and are out of my hands. 

If you don't pay the customs the order will return to my office and I'll have to send it again, but you'll have to pay the shipping price again. If you don't want to repay the shipment, I'll refund the money for the products, but not the cost of shipping

✿How long will it take to receive my order?

please, check the shipping rates to know it!

✿ I have a discount code for the defective venti tiny enamel pin, how i can use it?

If you have that code that means that you already have made previously a purchase for one of my other tiny enamel pins! thank you! to make the code work, the purchase should reach 20€! first customers will get the pin if they spent 50€ on their order, but if you already placed an order previusly and you have the code, you can use it with less expense!  i didn't have space to write it on the back card, but i have to put a min of purchase to give a free item on my shop!

✿ Can I change my address?

Yes! Contact me with the new address and I will change it.

✿ I haven't received my order yet

please check if any of your items were preordered, if so, check the estimated shipping date on the product description. International orders are taking longer than expected because of the current situation, please be patient.
Orders to Spain are taking at most 1 month to arrive and orders to the rest of the world between 1 and 3 months once they are shipped
Please check my shipping policy and my return policy for more info

 ✿ Can I combine the orders?

 If your order hasn't been shipped yet, contact me in the store chat and I'll send you a discount code to make the shipping on your next purchase cheaper, so I can combine both orders and ship them together.
As the shipping price changes depending on the weight of your order, I may not be able to make a full discount on the shipment of your second order.
I will give an example with shipping prices international standard:
If your first order weighs 40 grams, the shipping price would be 5 euros (between 20 and 50 grams). But if your second order weighs 80 grams, that means the shipment will weigh 120 grams in total.
The shipping price between 100 and 500 grams is 15 euros.
Both orders are supposed to pay 20 euros separately, but if you ordered them together, you only pay 15 euros, so I can only refund 5 euros on your second order

 ✿ Could i use your washitapes/products/drawings and make profit of them?

NO, no one is allowed to do it. 

If i caught you doing that, i will take legal actions

 ✿ Why my item is not shipped yet? 

if any of the products you have purchased are in preordering, please check the estimated shipping date in the product description.

If none of the products you have purchased is on preorder, don't worry, your order will be shipped soon. It usually takes at most 1-2 weeks to ship orders. Please check my social networks to see if there will be delays with shipments due to any external factors.

 ✿ What's a Preorder item?

it's a product that hasn't been manufactured yet. Once the preorder of these items is finished I ask my supplier for the product and the production of the item begins.

In the description of the products in preorder is written the approximate date on which they will be sent.