What program/tools do you use?

ipad pro 12.9'', procreate and clipstudio.

  Please make merch of this character/anime/game!

I appreciate your opinion, but please don't tell me this. I'm not comfortable with this kind of comments and I definitely won't listen to you, if I don't like the character or I haven't added it to the collection of some product is because I didn't want to do it

 Who's your supplier/s? Were did you do your merch?

Please don't ask me about my suppliers, I'm not comfortable sharing this information with strangers.

✿ How i can contact you?

You can contact me on twitter, email or by the store chat.

✿ Could I resell/repost your products/art works?

 If you bought something on my store and you received you can take a pic of the order and post it on your twitter, instagram,etc

but you can't repost my artworks, including my product pics, also you can't resell my products or steal the designs and sold them on any other store. 
I will take legal actions.

✿ Could i use your art as a profile picture, header,etc?

If you are my client and you have paid for a commission, you can use THAT commission on your social networks, fulfilling the T.O.S of my commissions.
But if you haven't paid, you can't use any of my works.